Life can be stressful. Your hair shouldn’t be.

Are you suffering from hair loss, thin edges, or balding?

Kingdom Koils can help transform your thinning
dry hair into thick, luscious, juicy curls.

Ready to see less scalp and more koils?
Shop now to restore your hair back to health!

From a company with owners who understand and have been through the struggles of hair loss and damage, we created a product that delivers.

At Kingdom Koils, we value uncomplicated hair routines, no matter your circumstances. Whether you suffer from excessive breakage, hair loss, or extreme dryness, we aim to restore your hair’s health by demystifying haircare and providing transformative products and trustworthy resources.


Our products have helped to rebuild confidence in many by helping to fill in those stubborn bald spots, providing fullness around those edges, and helping to moisturize dry, itchy scalp. Here is what our customers have to say!

- M. Whyte

- Dana

  • - Valued Customer / Peggy

    “I used Kingdom Koils hair serum for one month and saw new hair growth around my hairline and at the top of my head in my bald spot. I found that my hair was soft also.”

  • - Cleo Merriweather

    “This product worked well for me. I have a dry itchy scalp. When I used the oil my head stopped itching instantly. The new growth is really noticeable too.”

  • - F. Taylor

    “Kingdom Koils hair oil really helped with my dry itchy scalp, gave me lots of moisture, and helped to define my curls.”

  • Licensed Stylist Karen’s Client user of Kingdom Koils Hair Products

    “1. I used about a quarter-inch measure of the dropper full of serum to Subject’s thinning areas.

    2. I massaged it into Subject’s scalp once per day. I noticed there was no greasy feel to the serum.

    3. Subject found the serum to be soothing to scalp. Said it helped relieve itching and alleviate the dryness of hair.

    4. The lightness of the fragrance was pleasing. Would not interfere with cologne or aftershave or fragrant lotions or body sprays.”

  • - T. Richards

    “I would recommend using this serum during and in between protective styles. It adds moisture and provides the extra kick your mane needs. The serum is not too thick or thin so there's no need to worry about it running or staining anything. I highly recommend giving it a try to aid with any hair growth issues or overall upkeep of a healthy hair/scalp journey.”

  • - Crystal

    “At first, it took scalp itching away after my first wash. I also had a spot towards the back of my wasn't bald but the hair would break as soon as l get a half inch and now after using Kingdom Koils the hair in that spot is not breaking off like before....very excited about Kingdom Koils”

  • - Z. Simmons

    “I really loved the Kingdom Koils hair oil! It made my hair look shiny and not weighed down, very light. It soothed my scalp a lot with the protective style. The dropper also helps get to the scalp when in a protective style. The hair oil helped thicken my edges which were thin. You don’t have to use a lot; a little goes a long way. It also added moisture, helped with dryness and frizz. I would definitely recommend this product!! Awaiting my next bottle.”

  • - K. Bearden

    “I have been using this product for about 4 weeks. I mainly apply it to my scalp every 3 days and I apply it to the ends of my hair.
    This is what I’ve notice and like about this product: It did stop my itchy dry scalp. It’s a light oil so it’s perfect for fine hair. I like that it doesn’t have a strong off smell. Just a small amount goes a long way.
    I would buy this product as well as recommended it to others.”

  • - R. Edwards

    "I been using the oil and I love it. I haven't had a chance to get pics but my hair definitely stays hydrated and not as brittle."

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