About Us

Founded in 2020, Kingdom Coils is a veteran-owned brand that serves to empower women with curly and coily hair. Our products tackle the source of the problem, repairing damage from root to tip and addressing many concerns, including breakage, brittle hair, and more. Regardless of your curl type, our high-quality products are designed to nourish and hydrate each strand, prompting you to look forward to your haircare routine.

Our goal is not just to fix the damage, but to enhance your hair's overall health and appearance. We are committed to raising the standards for hair products on the market, so we create our products with you in mind, sourcing the best ingredients to completely transform your tresses. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, our formulas are potent, providing essential nutrients that protect your scalp from further damage and promote healthy hair growth.

Additionally, we aim to educate our customers on the proper way to nourish their hair. Our 100% transparent approach ensures you remain cognizant of every step, ingredient, and technique involved in our process, so you can make mindful choices where your curls and coils are concerned.

As a licensed cosmetologist with years of professional experience, Nikithia is also on a mission to educate women on steps they can take to protect their hair as they wear protective styles so that they can work to prevent hair loss in the first place. So, join our tight-knit community, where you’ll feel empowered to let your curls down and showcase your natural beauty every single day. Be confident, Be you.

  • Our Mission:

    To remain a trusted source of science-backed knowledge and high-quality products for all things curly and koily hair.

  • Our Vision:

    We aim to motivate women to showcase their natural, textured hair and create a community that supports one another on their unique haircare journeys.